Friday, March 24, 2023

CCP Lights Up To Support Global Red Campaign


CCP Lights Up To Support Global Red Campaign

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IN support of a worldwide cause of the live events industry led by the National Live Events Coalition, Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Main Building façade was illuminated in red color to highlight the event’s video documentation campaign.

The live events industry is a wide network of collaborators – planners, organizers, suppliers, talents, and freelancers.  NLEC-PH was formed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its critical impact on the live events industry to amplify the voices, to empower, and to be advocates for every event practitioner.

While the NLEC-PH has made strides in coordinating with the government (with the Inter-Agency Task Force, in particular) in seeking support for the industry, thousands are still unemployed and companies are still struggling.  Millions of our counterparts across the globe in the live events industry are still seeking aid, unemployment benefits and government assistance.

In order to raise awareness in the Philippines, the NLEC-PH encouraged its fellow technical providers and rental companies to join in the campaign “Light up in Red” on the same date and time in support for all live event stakeholders.

The CCP fully supports these initiatives; and, as convenor of the Association of Philippine Performing Arts Spaces (APPAS), enjoined all its member-art spaces to participate in solidarity with NLEC-PH. (PR)