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Centre for Sustainability PH is now 5 years old


Centre for Sustainability PH is now 5 years old

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Our humble organisation, the Centre for Sustainability PH, Inc. (CS), TURNS 5 YEARS OLD this March 18 back in 2016 we registered our organisation at the Philippine Securities & Exchange Commission, formalising our efforts to protect our country’s last 3% of pristine rainforest through legal establishment of protected areas.

Since then, our indigenous and lowland community partners at the frontlines of our last wild places on Palawan island, have skilfully and unreservedly advised and guided our every conservation effort.  Because of the relationships that we fought hard to build with them, our work has meaning and impact—they are central to each and every accomplishment that we have worked so hard to achieve!

Comprising just 6 staff, for our women-led, youth, environmental nonprofit organisation it has been 5 years of learning hard and invaluable lessons, inspiring moments and opportunities, overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges, and above all tireless passion, enduring commitment to meaningfully and impactfully serve our communities, and hard, hard work for us to reach our goals, and this momentous milestone!

Together with our countless partners and supporters, without which none of this could ever have been achieved, our biggest accomplishments during this time include:

Spearheading the establishment of the Cleopatra’s Needle Critical Habitat (CNCH), the Philippines’ biggest critical habitat, passed into law by the Philippine government in 2017.

Reforestation of 15,063 seedlings of the threatened Almaciga tree at CNCH, a key livelihood source and sacred species to the indigenous Batak tribe.

Training and deputation of 39 indigenous and local community members of CNCH as FOREST RANGERS, officially known as Wildlife Enforcement Officers and Volunteers.

Recognition in 2019 as one of the Philippines’ Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations (TAYO Award).

As well as many, many other activities in management and natural resource planning, research, educational outreach from elementary to university level, and sustainable livelihood.  Check out our Annual Reports HERE.

Since 2019 we are also working to establish our SECOND protected area at Kensad, also in Palawan! (PR)