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Lolita Carbon and Asin, still rock us.

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Lolita Carbon and Asin, still rock us.

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(Grab from Lolita Carbon FB Page)

Last December 19, 2019, the Filipino rock band Asin with Lolita Carbon on vocals is here in Puerto Princesa City, for a one night engagement concert intended to raise funds for the Palawan Cancer Support Group.

There are three local band perform prior to Asin, all of them have gain reputations in the local scene as the in rock band in the City with good following, but it was Asin who are the star of the show, if I am not mistaken this is the first time the band perform together, Lolita was here before for some solo show and to campaign for the protection of the environment.

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It is my first time to see them perform, of course I am familiar with their music since I grow up listening to all their hits, so I’m prepared to hear it live and feel that younger memories comes alive.

(Grab from Lolita Carbon FB page)

It was a jam pack crowd, mostly seniors and professionals who really miss full concert show in Palawan, it is rare to happen kinda event that’s why we salute Whiteflare Production in bringing this kind of show in the City, and hope more to come.

Asin started the show with a medley of their hits, I can feel their energy transcend to the audience and freeze their smiles until the next songs to the next songs. They caught my attention to their cover of “Sinisinta Kita”, a very old kundiman song that was now given a new twist in a modern rock style that is so beautiful to hear.

Lolita being known as a storyteller spill some important details about Asin and herself, she shared that she started singing in a county bar at the age of 16, and she is used in singing English songs only that time.  Just like any other band they also have up’s and down, and it was 1980 when Lolita decided to go solo and put up “Lolita And the Boys” band, their major hit that time is “usok”.

Lolita Carbon at ang bandang Asin. Photo from Lolita Carbon Facebook account,.

“Rock And Roll sa Boung Mundo” is also perform by Asin, this is the latest single they have now and they are now on the works for a new album soon.

Before the finale, Lolita pays tribute to some local music icons of Palawan like Nonoy Lanzanas and call on stage “Ike Bernardino” to play the keyboard, ike was a member of the band “Coco Jam” and that how Lolita use to know him since then.

Carbon said that their most popular song is “Himig Pag-ibig” it was cover by different singers and artist and was even use as theme for a teleserye of Anne Curtis. If I didn’t lose count over all they perform 13 songs for one set, and it’s really worth a time. All this years, with numerous band and singers in the country today, Asin still rock us, they still sound the same and will teleport you in time where you hear them in cassettes.

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