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PETA launches a lineup of new workshops for teens and adults

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PETA launches a lineup of new workshops for teens and adults

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The enforcement of quarantine in the country has forced companies to look for creative ways to deliver their services. In this effort, PETA (Philippine Educational Theater Association) introduced its digital platform in April, launching online programs such as Storytelling Sundays, Talk Tuesdays, and Let’s Get Creative.

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Attracting an audience of theater-lovers from all over the country, these home-friendly artistic and educational activities has inspired the company to further develop its existing programs. PETA’s Let’s Get Creative⁠ series—a free, hour-long workshop conducted on Facebook Live every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday covering various topics such as visual arts, music composition, improvisation, among others—paved the way for the creation of a more comprehensive version.

Let’s Get Creative Plus for Kids is PETA’s first paid and exclusive workshop program. With the vision of nourishing the artistic potential of kids during the quarantine period, the workshop created an intimate online space for learning and socialization at a time where individuals are required to adhere to social distancing rules. More so, it proved to be a productive activity for kids and parents alike. Taking this as a cue, PETA is extending the program to content suited to more than just kids.

PETA’s new lineup of courses:


Class schedule: June 11- June 15

Children’s Theater is an opportunity for children to let their imagination run wild. With the online class, children are put in a setting where they can comfortably express their artistic potential, nourish their creativity, and build their self-confidence from the safety of their own homes. Kids will be immersed in the art of rhythmic movement, dance, songs, games, painting, puppetry, storytelling, and role-playing done in various creative methods. The classes also allow kids the opportunity to interact and form friendships with fellow kids, even in this time of social distancing and quarantine.

  • MUSICAL THEATER FOR TEENS (13 y/o-17 y/o)

Class schedule: June 23 – July 1

Musically-inclined teens can enhance their talents from the comfort and safety of home with our Musical Theater for Teens class taught by composer, musical director, Jeff Hernandez. Participants will learn basic vocal techniques and the process of song interpretation. All this will culminate in a showcase where participants get to shine through performing solo musical scenes.

  • ACTING FOR SCREEN (18 y/o-above)

Class schedule: June 23 – July 1
Open to adults ages 17 and up, a specialized class devoted to acting for screen taught by TV and theater director, Phil Noble. It is designed to teach the techniques of acting in front of a camera, including character creation and monologue performance.

  • ACTING FOR STAGE (18 y/o-above)

Class schedule: June 24 – July 2

PETA brings its signature acting curriculum to the online realm! Master the craft of acting for the theater through an intimate online workshop. Learn the rudiments of script analysis, scenework, and character creation from theater director and acting coach Dudz Teraña.

    Class schedule: June 17, 19, 22, 24, 26

Crafted to help teachers adapt to the “new normal”, the course focuses on the application and integration of the arts as a complementary tool for teaching. Participants can expect to enhance their ability to foster a fun, creative, and learner-centered environment in both classroom and virtual platforms.

Conducted via Zoom, participants will undergo an exclusive learning experience facilitated by PETA’s Artist-Teachers with a limited number of ten to twelve (10-12) students per class from the safety and comforts of their own home.

You may find PETA on Facebook www.facebook.com/petatheater, Twitter and Instagram @petatheater, and YouTube www.youtube.com/petatheateronline.

Interested to enroll in any of these online workshops? Find out more at www.bit.ly/PETAOnlineWorkshop, or contact Betita at  0926-406-6858 or betitasarmiento@petatheater.com (PR)

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