Thursday, June 1, 2023

Walpherose Pharmacy III located in front of San Vicente District Hospital Is Now Open To Serve You All!


Walpherose Pharmacy III located in front of San Vicente District Hospital Is Now Open To Serve You All!

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From the first licensed Pharmacy in town the Walpherose Pharmacy Main branch in Poblacion San Vicente that started to serve the Community of San Vicente, Palawan since 1986 with their most valuable first licensed Pharmacist born in San Vicente, Palawan Mrs. Tita Evio dela Cruz who’ve been serving the town with utmost ethical standard and professionalism the Walpherose Pharmacy III extend their gratitude and honor to the veteran Pharmacist and founder of Walpherose Pharmacy.

On behalf of the whole team, lead by Ms Pinky dela Cruz a graduate of BS in Pharmacy from Philippine Women’s University 2009-2010 as the prime mover of this project, and her support group. They wanted to sincerely thanked and acknowledged every one who’s names are too many to mention  who extended helped for making the new branch visualize into reality.

Ms. Pinky wanted to express her gratitude to all the kindhearted people. As her opening message…

“Thank you for trusting, all of this would’ve been just a dream if not for your immense support.” Today, I would like to point your attention to our freshly open Pharmacy branch located in front of San Vicente District Hospital which I worked hard to seek funds just to build it and make it possible to help the patients and the people of this Brgy that there can be a Pharmacy now just a walking distance for everyone and plan to serve the town as 24hrs.

We are humbly asking everyone of our Doctors, Nurses, all the Health care Team Professionals, Brgy. Public officials, to all classes of people and the most valuable for us the ordinary citizens and our senior citizens for your support and positive wishes to our New Pharmacy focuses with hospital Pharmacy set-up. For us to realize our mission and that is to serve all the people with High standard quality medicines in a very affordable rate. Our vision is to be the first one that will promote an open time service of 24hrs a day, 7days a week to all of you.

We will grow and scale successfully only with your dedication towards us.  You are an integral part of our success story and we need you as much as you need us.

In the coming months, we will improve more and learn to practice initiative programs and services  designed to enhance our hands-on experience and professional skills. Please bear with us as we grow day by day. ~ Ms. Pinky dela Cruz.

Last February 14, 2022 was the blessing officiated by “Father Boy” the San Vicente parochial priest, with the worshipper group of Brgy. New Agutaya lead by “Bro. Beloy” and also the anniversary of the Walpherose Main Branch and Birthday celebration of the new main branch owner Ms. Kristina Rose dela Cruz. On the same month and day February 14, 2022 was also the official opening declaration of the Walpherose Pharmacy III located in front of SVDH Brgy. San Isidro, San Vicente, Palawan to serve the people.