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6 Home Decor Tips to Attract Luck in 2021


6 Home Decor Tips to Attract Luck in 2021

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We’re all looking forward to a better 2021 after the challenges of 2020, so why not get started on attracting good fortune?  With the start of the Chinese New Year in February, here are some tips on how to give your home (and now office or classroom!)  a new look while attracting luck and positive vibes.

ONE: Declutter. Marie Kondo always says that if the objects don’t bring you joy, consider giving them away or selling them. SM’s Trash to Cash Markets every first weekend of the month in all SM Malls can be of help. Remember, one’s unneeded items could be another one’s treasures!

TWO: Round is Sound. In Feng Shui, circles mean harmony and unity. It’s also the shape of wealth and prosperity. Attract luck and good fortune by considering circular patterns and shapes in your home, such as a new coffee table, ottomans, or a round dining table. Circular decorative pieces, such as throw pillows, vases, tabletop ceramic balls and mirrors are also great additions.

THREE: Green is In. If you’ve been planning on joining the growing number of plantitos and plantitas in the Philippines, now is the time to do so. According to Feng Shui experts, lush greeneries can help bring positivity to your home. Some of the best house plants for good Feng Shui include the snake plant, bamboo, money tree, ferns, and orchids.

FOUR: Dress up the entryway. It’s easy to forget this part of the house, but the entryway is important if you want to invite good energy. In Feng Shui, the door area symbolizes the way energy enters your home and your life. So, be sure to keep this place tidy by adding a shoe rack, a coat stand, or decorative storage bins. A sanitizing area is vital, where you can keep masks, sanitizers, shields in a beautiful, functional shelf or closet.

FIVE: Incorporate vertical décor. Another way to bring some good energy to your home is incorporating vertical shapes and lines. Not only will this add height to your room, but it represents growth. This can be easily done by adding new furniture or decorative pieces that draw the eye upward like a four-poster bed, a striking floor lamp, or floor-to-ceiling bookshelves.

SIX: Use new colors. Color can affect your mind and emotions. That’s why it’s important to incorporate colors that are personally stimulating in your homes. For example, shades of greens and blues attract happy and relaxing energy. Some Feng Shui experts also consider white, silver, yellow or gold, purple, and gray to be the lucky colors of 2021.

If you’re planning on refurbishing your home for the New Year, you’re already in luck as SM holds its Home Edit Fair from January 15 to 30. Shoppers can look forward to a wide selection of quality furniture created by local artisans and a Home Upgrade Sale with exclusive deals from participating stores.

During the Home Edit Fair, you can also get a chance to win exciting prizes from SM through its Design your Space Challenge. Just show how you gave your home a makeover using your favorite SM Supermalls brands and you get a chance to win gift certificates.

So, what are you waiting for?  With this early lucky surprise from SM, you’ll have everything you need for your home.

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