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Alter Me Movie Review; it’s all about release


Alter Me Movie Review; it’s all about release

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Latest Filipino film being shown in Netflix as of this writing is Alter Me, which stars Enchong Dee and Jasmine Curtis-Smith, under the direction of RC Delos Reyes.

The Film bravely explore and expose the so called alter world of social media, wherein a person hide his true identity yet exposing his true feelings, mostly about our wildest fantasy in real sense of sex, the one thing we all desire to have or love doing but hesitant to admit personally to the people we are close and attached in the real world. And yes size matter.

Uno is Enchong, tag as the king of Alter world that uses his charm in attracting girls, while Ruby is Jasmine a corporate lady who have a lot of “what if’s” in life, and an image that is so tough yet a lonely soul that is so afraid of falling in love again, afraid of being left behind due to the many times in her past relationship.

Uno help Ruby to overcome those “what if” thing of her past, but Uno is again bitten by the fact that he easily get to fall, especially Ruby is a thing of her college life that resurface once again.

Technically the film is so good in the aspect of graphics, story wise it is so cool that you find humour in most of its scene, it could be a usual romcom type of movies but with a twist of fate, that not all can cope up with the past, not all is ready to release whatever holding them back in order to move on.

All the supporting cast are superb, they all shown an acting of convincing with great pride, like the officemate of Ruby, the big boss Victor Silayan, the family of Uno and even the cameo part of JC Santos is worth enjoying.

Dee barely show it all in this film, yes it is clean and fun thinking his wholesomeness image might not permit him to do it, but he did it with flying colors, my only comment is his hair style that bothers me saying he need a haircut.

Jasmine portrayal so far is the best I’ve seen comparing to her other films, yes she might have an acting trophy in Cinemalaya in the past, but being Ruby is for me so far is her mature role ever without hesitation, and she nail it, it’s a totally different character.

The ending is what I love in Alter Me, it is brave and a suicide in the tradition of happy ending, it’s more on of thought of letting go rather than being hopefuls, well it’s for you to find out.

Alter Me is being stream in Netflix.