Thursday, September 28, 2023

BAYO’s Philippine-Inspired Designs to Wear on Independence Day


BAYO’s Philippine-Inspired Designs to Wear on Independence Day

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Being Filipina is in our DNA. It informs every part of our creative process, from the early stages of gathering design inspiration, to the end stages of assessing our final products’ environmental impact. We’re more than proud of our heritage and are extremely excited to celebrate this on the upcoming Independence Day 2022.

Here are some pieces you could wear this June 12th!

  1. The Amor

The Amor is a pleated Pina fiber blouse from our collaboration with HABI. The pattern is named “Dove in the Sky,” which is of great importance to our partner handweaving community in Aklan who named it as a story of hope. The Amor is beyond just a pretty blouse; it is a symbol of the bayanihan spirit among FIlipinos who collaborate to create beautiful things.

  1. The Amelia

The Amelia is a relaxed full-length pant with a tapered hem. It features the same Dove in the Sky pattern woven by the Aklan community. The pattern is featured in a subtler way, right inside the pocket which you can see in peeks. It’s comfortable, classic, and a little bit cheeky!

  1. The Billie

The Billie is a comfortable cotton blouse that can be styled for any occasion. The artwork features a Filipina doing handweaving, an age-old tradition that’s as beautiful as it is eco-friendly, with actual patches of woven upcycled fabric sewn on. We love how it represents the inherent sustainability in Filipino crafts.

  1. The Amalia

The Amalia is a classic black short with an adjustable tie-waist. It’s made with sustainable linen, and features a subtle yet striking pattern right at the hem created by weavers from the Argao community. It’s a great choice if you want something minimal yet well-thought-out and meaningful.

  1. The Belisima

The Belisima is an adaptation of the Filipinana, featuring the classic volumized sleeves. It was consciously made with upcycled fabric which was handwoven into a charming design by the Argao community weavers. It is a study of elegance, and how it’s possible to stay simple yet speak volumes.

  1. The Alena

The Alena takes cues from the Filipinana na through the sleeves, which were modernized through a more flowing silhouette. The colorful pattern featured on the blouse was handmade by the Ambension weavers, one of our main partner communities. With its design and production process, the blouse is a perfect definition of “old-meets-new.”

  1. The Barbara

The Barbara is an elegant cotton poplin dress with darted sleeves and a tapered waist. It features an artwork of cotton, a plant that we’re especially proud to showcase because the Philippine variety is of outstanding quality. Although it’s quite understated, the print is beautifully embroidered on which gives it the subtle flare it needs.

  1. The Eleanor

The Eleanor is a sophisticated high-neckline wrap dress made with recycled polyester. The design proudly celebrates the abundance and beauty of Philippine biodiversity, particularly the gumamela and sampaguita flowers. Wearing it definitely gives off a sense of nostalgia because these flowers were part of our childhood years.

  1. The Akira

The Akira is a durable triple-layer mask that has a water-repellant inner, and 100% cotton insert. The outer layer features a handmade weave which was created with upcycled textile, making it a great marriage of safety and sustainability.