Tuesday, September 26, 2023

#BlogaFest2019, worth an experience


#BlogaFest2019, worth an experience

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I’ve been attending Blogapalooza since 2014, I consider it as the most important event to cover as Blogger, Influencer or Content Creator in the Philippines. It is where all you will see, hear and understand all the current trends in the social media world, learning from the best, adapting knowledge from experience influencers and getting tips on how they handle issues and of course bashers.

I was able to attend this year, this time as the official representative of my province, Palawan. I was joined by Jan Valderama, a budding Youtuber in Puerto Princesa who like me wants to learn and of course reunite to some colleagues that became a family to me in my whole blogging career.

Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao Bloggers and Content Creators

As expected, I was amazed how Blogapalooza evolve to BlogaFest this year, it is now catering and was attended by many content creators from different cities and provinces in the country, at one time we are talking in Tagalog, and then we shift to ilokano to bisaya and Ilonggo, all happening at the same time because of many interactions we are doing in the venue.

Blogamama Ace Gapuz

What I am looking forward in Blogafest is the line-up speakers, who talk and share knowledge about what they attain in life being an influencer, in creating content and sharing to the world what kind of brand you have in your social media handles.

Among the notes I list are don’t be afraid in posting your thoughts or contents, brand yourself as early as possible, be true to yourself and to your subscribers or followers, and research for more content and ideas.  One speaker got me in this quote, “Kung hindi mo kilala sarili mo, magiging biktima ka.”

Blogafest happens last November 23 at the City of Dreams, it holds a record of the most number of attendees with 2,021 in attendance. So far this is my most unforgettable Bloga experience and it inspired me to create and unite the content creators in my province, I am looking forward to bring them all next year and represent Palawan.

Just an update, we just organize a re-echo forum to all social media wannabe in Puerto Princesa a week after we return, Blogafest truly inspires us to do good and continue to share our knowledge to others.

The Cebu Pacific Crew onboard Clark to Puerto Princesa flight

Special thanks to Cebu Pacific, our official carrier that recently inaugurates Puerto Princesa-Clark flight, and to the beautiful Savoy Hotel, our home during the Blogafest that provide us good comfort through their spacious room and delicious food.  Savoy Beds are one of the best so far that I was able to experience, it’s something that gives you complete full rest after a busy day.

Our room in Savoy Hotel Manila

And of course to the City Of Dreams, the venue partner of Blogafest 2019 for giving us a good service and the best internet provider for that whole day event, to think the majority of the attendee’s post and upload right away to share and let the world know what’s going on.

We go home in Palawan happy and inspired, special thanks to our Blogamama Ace Gapuz for accommodating us in this year’s Blogafest. Watch out next year for the Palawan team.