Friday, March 24, 2023

BzzWorldTravel, the newest Online Travel platform.


BzzWorldTravel, the newest Online Travel platform.

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Traveling nowadays is easy with the help of technology, but of course, we cannot deny the fact that it’s still expensive to go from one country to another, that’s why you really need to save a lot in order to have a perfect holiday or vacation.

We heard so much about the campaign of earning while traveling, and there is some point system that you can earn like miles in the airlines, that the frequent you fly the better chances of getting rebates or discounted rates.

I have to admit I am blown away with the introduction of BzzWorldTravel, a travel club that solely and exclusively for members only platform that offers shocking rates, that can be the best help if you’re a traveler like me. It’s an app, website as well that requires security to log in, where you can purchase your airline tickets, cruise ship experience, hotel accommodation, tour activities and even car rentals for a super discounted rates, that you can only avail if you became a member of the club.

BzzWorldTravel is another venture from JM International with a proven support system Freedom Daohe International, a wellness company that started operation in China way back 2015, the said platform is an innovation after learning that there are around 2 billion people travel in 2018, and that generate USD 8 trillion, and 50% of that book their travel online using apps or websites either thru tablets, mobile phones or laptop.

That’s why BWT was created, to give exclusive offers for members and earn at the same time, so far they have around 1.4 million hotels worldwide, 49,000 car rentals, 25,000 cruise ships, and around 1,000 global flights.

BWT CEO Francioni Mirko

The special rates that they give to its members are shocking because of its huge discounts, BWT CEO Francioni Mirko explains to us why they have this kind of offer.

“We are not doing anything against somebody else, we are just basically working with over 7,000 suppliers that can be Agoda and others, they are aggregators of consolidated, we buy a large number of rooms, and we share with others.

JM International Support System FDI Founder Dr. Yong, (Guest) BWT CEO Francioni Mirko and Teh Sor Hoon aka Mommy Teh during BWT Roadshow in Palawan Uno Hotel last Sept 28, 2019

If you have a travel agency or a tour operator, BzzWorldTravel is a perfect partner, guaranteed that you can earn from this, at the same time earning points that you can personally use when you choose to travel anywhere you want it. You may check for more information.

“Whatever price we get, is exactly the same price you guys have, simply because my contract takes care thru JMI members per se, so I don’t have the interest to charge you guys or percentage on top of my prices,” Mirko added.

How To Be A Member.

In order to join the Club, you need to be a member by paying its membership packages that vary from Premium Diamond for USD2199 good for three years, Premium Platinum for USD1699 good for two years, and Premium Gold for USD1199 valid for 1 year, plus a trip a to Bali Indonesia this coming November.

As of this writing, they have a special promo of Gold package rates that is good for validity of two years, and you can only avail this only from JM members only, we highly recommend you contact JM FDI Top leader in Hongkong, Executive Mentor Jonathan Fuerte in this Hongkong Mobile Number +852.6894.0695 or email him at, or send an email to Sharon Roldan at or reach here in Philippine mobile nos. +63.977.774.8678.

JM FDI Executive Mentor Jonathan Fuerte, and Sharon Roldan

We advise to contact them directly through the following information, legit and both official member of JM International, FDI and BzzWorldTravel.