Saturday, September 30, 2023

CCP grounds open to recreational visitors


CCP grounds open to recreational visitors

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AS Metro Manila gradually opens up under the GCQ and life begins under the new normal, the Cultural Center of the Philippines welcomes back visitors to its outdoor spaces.

The CCP grounds are open for jogging, exercising and other physical wellness activities.  Visitors are requested to practice social distancing, wear face masks and face shields for their own protection as well as everyone’s.  The use of the CCP Front Lawn will be limited to only 30 people at a time while the CCP Ramp will be closed.

For many years, the CCP Complex has provided residents of Manila and Pasay with the freedom and enjoyment the outdoors have to offer.  On a seasonal basis, the CCP continues to present visitors with outdoor art installations, cultural programs with open-air performances and light and sound shows on its facade.  The CCP Complex, although not officially a park, has always been a place for people to play and spend time with family.