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DMCI air their side regarding Coal Fired Power Plant in Palawan


DMCI air their side regarding Coal Fired Power Plant in Palawan

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DMCI Power Corporation VP for Project Development Loides C. Castro clear some issues about their proposed Coal-Fired Power Plant (Photo by Sev Borda)

DMCI Power Corporation, the company that will build the much talked Coal-Fired Power Plant in Narra is aware of all the reactions from different sectors, and they believe many of that information circulating to the public is wrong, making the public misinform and misguided.

To correct those details, an Information Education Campaign Forum was held last Oct 25 at Ponce De Leon Resort by DMCI, to clear and give their side of the story that is fact and have the basis. DMCI Palawan Project head Loides Castro spearhead the event along with DMCI PR Head Victoria Maramag and Engr. Rene Morente.

(Photo by Sev Borda)

The 15 megawatt Coal Power plant is originally to be built in Brgy. Panacan in Narra, and was move to Brgy. Bato-Bato for the reason it was a former mine site area.

“It was used as industrial area, it was categorized and classified by no less than the Municipal Government as industrial zone already, and under ECAN zoning certificate that is issued by PCSD, multi-purpose na yung area, and the Municipal agriculture of Narra identified as non-agriculture anymore, in fact in that area wala ng mga katutubo.” Castro said.

DMCI insists that Coal Power Plant is the latest technology fit for Palawan as an energy source, in their report it is the number one recommended by the Department of Energy followed by The oil base and natural gas power plant. Morente, on the other hand, is formerly from DENR and aware of all the policies needed in order to obtain approval.

(Photo by Sev Borda)

Before deciding to put Coal Plant, it undergoes a lot of research, study and consideration, even renewable energy type is very much considered but it is not so far feasible to augment the power crisis the province has today.

But putting up the said power plant didn’t happen overnight, Castro reiterate that DMCI is working on the project since 2012, they are already conducting series of information campaigns to the area, and it was not easy for them to get approval from Department of Environment and Natural Resources. They comply with all the requirement that DENR ask them to do.

“It took us 3 years bago na-approve, hindi po sya parang kabuti na sumulpot, dumaan kami sa proseso.” Castro explain

(Photo By Sev Borda)

The said plant is using a lot of latest technology in order to make it environment friendly, they want to correct that it will produce a lot of smoke and pollutants in the air because of its ash trash, on their presentation they show how circulating fluidizes bed technology works to which they are doing in that plant.  They are also following the DENR mandate in having control of pollutant devices, and above all, once the operation started, they will be strictly monitored 24/7 by DENR, to ensure they strictly follow all rules and regulations.

“Isa pang kontrobersya dito yung marami daw syang delikadong fly ash, actually in some other areas this are considered as business opportunity, it can be used as major ingredients in hallow block making, pantambak in some areas, In Manila most of the Skyways and road ay may big portion ng Fly Ash.”

Regarding the transport of Coal, Morente discuss that they conduct and strictly study the shipment from Simerara Island going to Narra, they guarantee their suppliers are strictly following all mandated requirements imposed by all concern Government agencies, plus they are being monitored by Palawan Council for Sustainable and Development, as well as DENR with CCTV feed 24/7.

DMCI  also show how clean and environment-friendly their other power plant in the country, they give data and report on how they take care of air and water in those areas, this are credibility that they hang on making them a legit with no violation at all, it’s their reputation that matter.

Maramag discuss all the corporate social responsibility program that DMCI are doing silently, some of this are balik eskwela program, computer donations, doctor ng barangay, mangrove propagation, adopt estero and their biggest annual outreach program that will be implement in Palawan once the plant is operational.

The proposed coal-fired power plant is an answered prayer for Palawan, DMCI said that time will come that energy subsidy from the national government in the whole province is in talks already of being remove, and this project they are working on will be a great help.

“Kung may Coal Fired Power Plant na kayo naka ready kayo, eventually kapag ang true cost na ang babayaran ng consumer masuwerte kayo dahil may Coal Fired Power Plant sa inyong locality, that is preparing you to the total phase out of the Universal charge for probationary electrification, and that will happen.” Castro said in closing.

DMCI VP Castro, Engr. Morente, PIO Arzaga and DMCI PR Maramag.

The said IEC forum is also attended by Provincial Information Officer Winston Arzaga, who give and issue certificates to the three speakers as acknowledgment and support to the development of the province.