Friday, September 29, 2023

Experience Farm staycation only at The Cabins At La Virginia Farm


Experience Farm staycation only at The Cabins At La Virginia Farm

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Peace and quiet will always be the priority in terms of accommodation, if you’re new to a certain place you make sure your surroundings, and the experience is something worth memorable, unique and alternatively new to the usual commercial spaces.

Photo by Byahe Ni Basha FB Page

Here in Puerto Princesa, there is a place where you can pick your own food from a tree, experience glamping in a farm, enjoy delicious slow food, and have the luxury of comfort while you immerse with the natural sound of nature, and that’s The Cabins at La Virginia Farm.

Ms. Beth Tugas

Owner Beth Tugas told Palawanderer, that the farm used to be a Mango orchard built by her dad in 1992 with around 300 mango trees, but with Palawan’s weevil issue, majority of mango trees had to bid goodbye.

At present, it is the latest and so far the only one we know that offer Farm to table experience in Puerto Princesa. They have a total of 27 types of fruits, wherein you can personally pick it from their tree, and add it to your meal.

But it was in 2018 when they started to accept guest who want to stay in their farm, initially it’s just family members who goes home for holidays, from two rooms they added two more to accommodate visitors, plus the posh Glamping cottage,  it is the eye candy of their place.

The Cabins can accommodate 15 pax per day maximum, they offer breakfast and dinner with organic theme of farm to table concept, it is more private and exclusive ambiance you can have. The latest is they have a swimming pool as of press time.

For the rates,  its P3,850  for the Glamping cottage  good for 6 people, delux room is P3300 for 2 people with AC and TV, per meal per person starts at P220, while dinner for two course is P580, and three course meal is at P645.  And yes they have good WIFI connections.

For more details and inquiries you may send a message to The Cabins at LVF in Facebook, or check their site at, Mobile Nos. 09177755779, they are located in Brgy. Sta.Lourdes.

In additional, The Cabins can cater to whatever their clients needs particular with food restriction.