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Innovating the popular cubes we grow up with thru Gan Cube

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Innovating the popular cubes we grow up with thru Gan Cube

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Rubik’s Cube is one toy all of us are familiar with, for instance 70’s born baby like me loves and always thrilled to solve even just 1 cubes in our lifetime, this toy have gone a far from a simple playing toy to now a challenge to many kids of all ages.

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Some study are saying that whenever you try to solve this cubes, it help improves our memory and some functions in our brains, many are calling it a stuff for genius, and its best test if you want to know someone has the capability, to level whatever your standard is.

Solving Rubik’s already made history, there are many competitions utilizing the fastest fingers in solving it, it is a pride to oneself and to your surprise, your nation will cheer for you too.

Gancube is one company that study, analyse and understand the knowledge inside the cubes we all grow up with, in these changing times they innovate and create a more spectacular and fun filled cubing game, either you are playing with family and friends, these toy also needs upgrade that curious new generations need to understand, and appreciate it without knowing it helps them in one way or another.

Using latest technology, GAN magnet capsule is giving a new face to our old toy with all the same functions and missions, innovative in terms of combining efforts of using magnets into capsules, which are all tightly and precisely lock into its spots, and it still produce empowerment not only in our brains, but to you as whole person.

For many of us, solving Cubes is always a mystery, I am always in high appreciation to those I know who can easily and fast solve a cubes in just one a minute or so, for me it is a skill and how they execute moving one cubes to another and another, is God given talent, seriously because even now I can’t recall how did I do it, or did I ask some friends to do it for me, but I remember it playing it with tension and it excites me throughout.

Unlike before that we have to relay in reading some books about solving Cubes, now a days we have solutions and tips in just in our fingers tips, by just looking in our mobile phones, or by joining some group chats that some experts can easily share best practices.

Understanding the algorithm and its geometry, Gan Cube includes in its portals some tutorial to easily manage solve Gan Magnet capsules, by looking its content it has a wide explanation with deeper thoughts on how to play it successfully. The tutorial is also available for download.

At the Gan cube site you will also learn that the design and form of cubes already evolve in different shapes and forms, they have egg shape design, pyramid style that comes with all new different colors which all are pleasing to your eyes.

So order now and get 1 or more for you, and let that kid inside you flourish again.

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