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Luminisce introduces EMFACE, a ground-breaking anti-aging technology


Luminisce introduces EMFACE, a ground-breaking anti-aging technology

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The skin is a powerful reflection of one’s overall health – and age. As time goes by, wrinkles appear and the skin begins to sag. The problem, though, is farther than skin-deep.

EMFACE Core Lift forehead area 1 month after 4th treatment

Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovationstoday proudly introduces EMFACE, a revolutionary technology that addresses the effects of aging on the skin and muscle in a single treatment. It is the world’s first and only needle-free device with such an effect.

EMFACE Core Lift before and after chin and neck area side view

After recently rolling out the Pico Suite, a new advanced laser technology for skin care, Luminisce is yet again adding the latest state-of-the-art tech with EMFACE.

EMFACE addresses the decrease in facial muscle tone, which leads to wrinkles and sagging. It emits two energies: Synchronized Radiofrequency (RF) and HIFES – a feature that produces a synergistic effect in the facial soft tissues. Synchronized RF heats the dermis and increases levels of collagen and elastin fibers, a procedure that remodels and smoothens the skin. Meanwhile, HIFES selectively contracts muscles and increases the density and quality of muscle structure, which lifts facial tissues.

EMFACE Core Lift chin and neck area 3 months after 4th treatment

EMFACE can have a lifting effect of as much as 23% and approximately 30% increase in muscle tone, resulting in a tightened face, reduction in wrinkles, and younger-looking skin.

Each EMFACE session lasts for only 20 minutes and does not require extensive pre- and post-preparation. Beyond facial cleansing, patients lay down and relax during the treatment. Patients will feel involuntary muscle contractions and heating sensation – the same feeling to being treated in a hot stone massage.

EMFACE Core Lift before and after (side view)

“It is extremely important for us at Luminisce to bring the latest skincare technology to our patients,” says Dr Khaycee Reyes, founder of Luminisce. “EMFACE is a non-invasive yet powerful treatment that provides facial rejuvenation through a unique set of synergistic effects. We are very proud to offer EMFACE and add this technology to our clinics at Luminisce.”

MFACE Core Lift before and after (front view)

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