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Revenge travel, Visit Misamis Occidental, Part 1.


Revenge travel, Visit Misamis Occidental, Part 1.

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Let’s claim it, this 2023 is the year we all take revenge for those promo tickets we fail to use because of pandemic, our life take a 360 degrees turn and luckily we survive and we are now on for a new adventure, new stories and new memories we all longing to do the past 2 or 3 years.

And visiting Philippines, a new route for travel aficionados is all we want to know and explore, as part of our game plan, the revenge travel, the best place go is by exploring Northern Mindanao, a place where limitless adventure happen, and guaranteed safe for all the worries you have in mind, plus most of their destinations are all new, raw as it is and I assure you, their warm hospitality will make you wish not to leave North Mindanao, yes I guarantee that.

The view of Panguil Bay

Asenso MisOcc

During our Laag-Laag sa Misamis Occidental last November of 2022 spearheaded by the Tourism Promotions Board in partnership with the Local Government, your Palawanderer witness how progress is being laid down by the local government, from the provincial level down to the municipality level, and even though they were hit by flooding due to monsoon rains, soon enough they stand resilient as it is, and Asenso MisOcc still reigns.

Big development is coming to MisOcc and its now in process, first is the Panguil bay bridge that will connect the Misamis Occidental to Lanao Del Norte, it’s a 3.7 kilometer bridge from Tangub City to Lanao Del Norte, it will be the longest bridge in the Philippines once completed December of this year.

A resort with Aquamarine park is also being built ala Maldives inspired floating cottages situated in the municipality of Sinicaban, this will be the biggest tourism related facility that Asenso MisOcc is planning to make it happen soon.

One of the float during Parangat Festival 2022

In terms of festivals, Parangat Festival or progress in subanon word already kick off last year, this will be the biggest festival of all Misamisnon, celebrated with full colors of tradition and cultures. Happens usually every second week of November, in line with the province founding anniversary.

Next is the is the list of all best and must try destinations and attractions, you need to see if you decide to visit the home of Parangat Festival, the province of Misamis Occidental

Cotta Shrine in Ozamis City

Let’s start the tour at heart of Misamis Occidental, the historical and heritage icon of Northnern Mindanao, the Cotta Shrine that is consider one of the major Spanish Fort in the country, this walled shrine is glimpse of what the vibrant Ozamis can offer, yes it’s just a simple walk in the park thing but seeing its structure that stood the test of time, plus its just a stone away from the religious icon of the province, the Our Lady of Cotta where seeding a wish usually happen accompanied with sincere and heart deep prayers.

Hoyohoy Highland Viewdeck (Photo courtesy of Uno Adventures)

Hoyohoy and Belvedere of Tangub City

Next stop is the most cheerful place we’ve seen, the City of Tangub that offers mountain to shore attractions, first is the Parola that the local Government of Tangub is eyeing to be their center for Meetings and conventions; it was surrounded by mangroves with a view of Panguil bay.

From the sea you all need to go up to their mountains, Hoyohoy Mountain resort is a must to experience the never ending cloud hugging experience, yes its freezing cold at times but the mountain ranges view is the one will give you goosebumps, it is a a venue perfect for any occasions and they even have a built in chapel on top of it.

Belvedere View Deck

Going further from Hoyohoy is Belvedere View Deck, a spectacular garden in the air is being built in this area, but this view deck is perfect and you could say, an alternative to what Mines View in Baguio or Taal Vista in Tagaytay looks like when it was not crowded.

Strawberry and Piduan Falls of Don Victoriano

Visiting Misamis Occidental is not complete without stepping into Don Victoriano town, this place has a wide area and a lot of travelling from one place to another must be expected, first stop is the strawberry farm, yes they have strawberries grown in their own soil, they already cultivated this and paying a visit to their farm is a wonderful experience.

Piduan Falls (Uno Adventures)

Piduan falls is one beautiful and remarkable place to see in Don Victoriano, as in wow how this nature made curtain feel like waterfalls with a lush of rainforest. I bet you can spend a whole day here just staring the declared curtain waterfalls in Mindanao.

Subanen Village at Tudela

In terms of cultural enrichment, the Subanen Village of Tudela for me is one magnificent place to be in Misamis Occidental, this place will be soon an accommodation for guest who wishes to immerse with the Subanen people, the largest minority of Northern Mindanao.

The cottage was built beautifully plus with the cold lush of climate makes it perfect.

St. John The Baptist Church at night

Heritage at its best in Jimenez

Completing your tour for this district of NorthMin, is another extravagant and fulfilling heritage at its best in the town of Jimenez, they house the iconic St. John The Baptist Church that is truly worth seeing, every corner, from the main entrance to the altar, even to the attic that houses their antique musical organ, is all mesmerizing to see. The Church was a overdose not just of faith, but with artistry and relevance.

From the Church, you may walk around and see the town proper, believe me it’s all living museum and you are the sole witness to feel it, most of their houses are ancestral and was maintain through time, it is not haunted or something but I feel like im in a time machine living in an era where technology is not even a word. This is so worth it among all.

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