Friday, September 29, 2023

SK-II Invites You To ‘SK-II SECRET KEY HOUSE’ To Celebrate World PITERA™ Month


SK-II Invites You To ‘SK-II SECRET KEY HOUSE’ To Celebrate World PITERA™ Month

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This World PITERA™ Month, global prestige skincare brand SK-II hands you the keys to a never-seen-before exhibition “SK-II SECRET KEY HOUSE” to unlock its best-kept secrets behind PITERA™, the Secret Key to Crystal Clear Skin*.

For decades, SK-II iconic and exclusive skincare ingredient PITERA™ has transformed the skin of millions of women, including some of the world’s most renowned ones. It has empowered women to choose their skin destinies. Yet, after many years, PITERA™ remains elusive to many. Until now.

Following last year’s global-scale, one-day celebration of PITERA™ at ‘World PITERA™ Day’ in Tokyo, Japan, SK-II is taking things to a whole new level by launching “SK-II SECRET KEY HOUSE” exhibition as part of its World PITERA™ Month, a month-long transformational journey powered by PITERA™, The Secret Key to Crystal Clear Skin*.

Located in STANDBY, BA-TSU ART GALLERY in Tokyo, the ‘SK-II SECRET KEY HOUSE’ will hold ten of SK-II’s best-kept secrets which visitors can unlock by immersing themselves into multi-sensorial impactful artistic installations of PITERA™.

The SK-II SECRET KEY HOUSE will be joined by some of the world’s biggest names in beauty, featuring exclusive appearances from SK-II’s global celebrity ambassadors including Japanese actress Haruka Ayase, award-winning Chinese actress Tang WeiMINA of global girl group TWICE and Chinese actress Qiu Tian.

“I am looking forward to unlocking new secrets about SK-II and PITERA™ at SK-II SECRET KEY HOUSE that even after more than 10 years with the brand I don’t know about,” said Haruka Ayase, “I’m always excited to discover more about PITERA™ and how it can transform skin to Crystal Clear.”

“I’m particularly eager about joining the SK-II SECRET KEY HOUSE because it marks the first time that I’ll be meeting and interacting with PITERA™ fans in-person as SK-II’s ambassador,” said MINA“I can’t wait to share the story of my transformational skin journey – I might even include more secrets of my own!”

“PITERA™ has remained unchanged for over 40 years. Yet, its miracles on skin continue to unfold and its secrets are endless. For the first time in SK-II’s history, we will be handing our consumers the keys to unlock the biggest, most closely guarded secrets behind SK-II and our iconic PITERA™,” shared Sue Kyung Lee, CEO, Global SK-II. “We hope to continue inspiring women to choose their skin destiny by embarking on their own journey to unlock Crystal Clear Skin transformation with PITERA™, The Secret Key.”