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The Ballet and the friends of Alice Reyes


The Ballet and the friends of Alice Reyes

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The Dancer’s of Ballet Philippines

Despite some issues Ballet Philippines went through that led to the cancellation of its February 12 show “Itim Asu and Other dances”, Alice Reyes pushed through her jaw dropping ballet show entitled “Alice and Friend: Celebrating 50 years of dance in Cultural Center of the Philippine” last February 21, 2020. The show highlight 8 remarkable dances: Glinka’s Valse, Man Pointe, Bungkos Suite, We, Ne Neh Ledej, Itim Asu, Negro Spirituals, and Afterwhom.

Among the eight dance presented that night, Ne Neh Ledej and Bungkos Suite appeals to me a lot.

Ne Neh Ledej translates to “Do not look any further” in Czechoslovakian language. It shares the name of one of the musical piece used, all composed by Iva Bittova. The work is a musical and choreographic movement conjugation leading us to the past, when the influence of occidental culture coexisted with the customs and expression of the colonized countries. The classic aesthetic of refined white suite represented by tutus and pointe shoes shake hands with other wonderful and mysterious culture.

Watch:   Ne Neh Ledej

Bungkos Suite is a collection of traditional and popular folk songs reflecting various moods but especially highlighting the playfulness, amorousness, and sense of humor of the Filipino.

Watch:  Bungkos

A book entitled “Alice Reyes and Ballet Philippines: A 50-Year Legacy in Dance was also sold at the venue. The book is about the historical work that premiered in theater 50 years ago highlighting the works of Alice Reyes with Ballet Philippines.

A number personalities grace the shows in support of Alice Reyes 50 year legacy in dance that night.

Thank you Alice Reyes for giving Ballet Philippines to the Filipino people.

Text and Photos by Alvin Palanca.