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The birth of Blog/Vlog Talk in Palawan

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The birth of Blog/Vlog Talk in Palawan

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2019 give a way for the birth of Palawanderer, finally after many years of Blogging I was able to fulfill this dream with the help of Wildfyre, they partner with me and making this blog up aside from the two previous blogs I have, the www.evoandgrace.info with Grace Abonillo as my co-author, and my free hosting blog www.palaonederer.blogspot.com that house most of my PR task.

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This 2019, I was given a chance to share my knowledge and expertise in creating and writing blogs, the first was during the Culture and Arts Celebration of Palawan State University thru the office of Sir Bimbo Fernandez last February, the Socio Cultural Affairs office, where in I speak to the students of PSU about writing culture and arts, this is a fact that majority of my coverage the past years are mostly in theaters, art exhibits and cultural performances.

I encouraged the students to write more about performances rather do some selfies or rant in their own pages, cultural activities are just everywhere whole year round, all they need is to see that and witness something enriching specially if its comes from their own place.

Palawanderer was back in Manila after that first Blog Talk, again involved in many activities as well as travel around the country. June was the saddest part of my life where in a turning point need to happen and decided to go back in Puerto Princesa City for good.

September 2019 your Palawanderer was born as my first solo blog, and another Blog Talk opportunity comes just in time for the National Library Month last November, the second Blog talk is set but this time the topic is focus on creating content and exploring the world of social media.

I am so thankful to the City Library Office thru Librarian Joy Olape for the opportunity, and this time with the assistance of Palawan Daily News, my new family in Palawan where I usually write news and produce digital content.

After that I got invited to attend my favorite Blogapalooza in Manila, I was inspired in this year’s BlogaFest that many Content creators by region are now up and active in their own respective community.

As soon as I got back in Palawan, I immediately conceptualize Vlog Talk featuring not just me but those known social media creators in Palawan, again with the support of Palawan Daily News I was join by famous Palawan Vloggers Patrick Aquino, Bitoyz Cortez, Visiting social media star Sheryl Ico, former GMA News Iloilo Cameraman Melvin Gervailes, and Jan Valderama.

This is one exciting part because I was able to meet Palaone Youtubers and after that include them in many events and a series of collaboration projects is on the way too.

Hoping this 2020 Blog or Vlog Talk could spread and reach more places here in Palawan, and other places too in case. It was a tough year but it’s all worth it, Thank you all my dear readers.

Special thanks to the two of my closest friend and blogger, Orly Agawin of Jellicle Blog and Christian Aligo for all their inputs to the topics I discuss in this three talk.

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