Friday, September 29, 2023

The hero we all are, Ako Si Ninoy a movie review


The hero we all are, Ako Si Ninoy a movie review

How do you feel about this story?


Ako Si Ninoy was a spectacle, this new movie from Philippine Stagers tackles the public life we know behind the man in the PhP500 bill that spark the Edsa People Power Revolution.

It’s a musical + theatre style of attack in a film, but to some point it was like a documentary giving you a dose of informations from dates and places of where the real scene happen.

The movie start with horrific death scene, and ends with funeral of full colors aiming to educate everyone, that Filipino is worth dying for.

We see Ako si Ninoy as a launch pad for singer JK Labajo, yes he can act and give justice to all highly dramatic scene of crying while belting out, his Buwan hit song version in this movie is one of the highlight, and yes it gives us goosebumps.

One memorable songs we love is the love songs of three couples of the movie, that one gives us smile while enjoying the changing of chorus from one love moment to another.

For instance, Ako Si Ninoy lack details in answering of how and why he was called hero, Ninoy was seen all over in the movie and yes we are aware he was a hero, from taxi driver to an activist even farmer, but details of his works as journalist on why he was awarded, the reforms he wish to do, and the very reason he was in jail was not discussed in the film.

The movie revolves in many characters, like Ninoy they represent the present day citizens who in somehow copy the Ninoy ideology, the fighthing for what is right, and what should we have as a people in a Government. Having a lot of characters is felt on how the movie quickly moves from another story to another story in a fast blink of an eye, another story is rising yet one is coming right away.

Ako Si Ninoy is still worth watching after all, prior to expectation that it was full of attacks, but the movie stays on what his story is all about, to what essentially happen and should be never erase as it was a history already.