Tuesday, September 26, 2023

The New at Jory’s, the food fusion venue in Puerto Princesa


The New at Jory’s, the food fusion venue in Puerto Princesa

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Photo courtesy of Palawan Vibes FB Page.

As business slowly goes back to normal, Restaurant is one thing in a City that easily opens and attracts visitors, but what people want to know is the new thing they can offer, that cannot be order in some food place.

Photo courtesy of Palawan Vibes FB Page.

Here in Puerto Princesa, Jory’s is one new place to be for those looking for something fresh, something unique, and definitely one can have that others don’t have.

Jory’s journey in food dining and bar business started wayback 2017, originally it’s a team up with other partner and soon they realize it’s better to operate it solely as a couple that ran and passionately oversee its day to day activity. Jory’s name came to life by combining its owner first name, Joyce for Jo and Ry for Ryan Crisostomo.

Photo courtesy of Palawan Vibes FB Page.

Experiencing dining in their lovely place at Peneyra Road in Brgy. San Pedro, is a mix of Pinoy ambiance in an art deco concept, their painted walls speak the vibes of happiness and positive energy that transcend from their food offering, yes, they have delicious food that one can compare, and definitely fall in love with.

According to Ryan, they listen to their friends suggestions and try to experiment new things, such as Ramen Dinuguan (Ramen with Pork Blood), is a unique gastronomical experience one can try upon visiting the 80 seater Bar Resto, they use pork meat instead of pork intestines as its main ingredients, and its combination with noodles produce delightful and flavorful food, yes I highly recommend it.

Their Pizza line up is also another bright idea they have, their flavor consists of Adobo and Sisig, who have thought that, and yes they did it with justice, I so love the sisig flavor and it’s really good, I never thought it will be a perfect match, thanks to Jory’s.

Ramen Dinuguan. Photo courtesy of Palawan Vibes FB Page.

Ryan used to work with PAGCOR but were born and raise here in Palawan, while Joyce is originally from Bulacan who got smitten by our famous virus, the kambakkambak syndrome, they long dream of having their own resto business, and the Jory’s here in Puerto Princesa is their baby.

Jory’s accept booking and catering for any occasions, their venue transform every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday as they offer live entertainment thru acoustic performances by some local singers, they open Sunday to Monday 5PM to 2AM, Tuesday to Saturday open in lunch time at  11 to 1pm, and dinner 5pm to 2am.

Photo courtesy of Palawan Vibes FB Page.

Ryan said they want people to know that they offer and reasonable price for their menu, with huge amount of food serving, I do guarantee that and its really worth it.

So whenever you visit Puerto Princesa soon, pls drop by at Jory’s and enjoy local hospitality. You can contact them at 0917 300 3705 and make reservations and inquiries thru their Jory’s facebook page.