Tuesday, September 26, 2023

The Tinagong Waterfalls of Puerto Princesa City


The Tinagong Waterfalls of Puerto Princesa City

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The eco-tourism capital of the Philippines, Puerto Princesa is a home for many undiscovered waterfalls mostly in far flung areas in the City, like this Tinagong Waterfalls in Sitio Talaudyong of Brgy. Bacungan.

For starter, one must prepare for challenging trek in going to this waterfall, from Talaudyong or better known now as Pakpak Lauin area, you need to inquire to the first sari-sari store with blue paint design, this is where you will get a tour guide that will accompany your group in hiking, and of course to register.

Yes, getting a tour guide is required as per policy of the Barangay to check and monitor all the climbers and for some safety protocols, the rate for the guide is P500 good for 5 pax, and additional P50 per head. The guide mostly locals of the area are familiar with the route and they know which is the right way going to Tinagong Falls or the Hidden Falls in English.

It’s a 4 kilometer trek as per our distance checking usually finish in one and half hour for normal trekkers, but it can take 2 hours depends on your speed of walking, please take note that more than half of the pathway are all going up, so it is challenging especially if you don’t have enough preparations.

Once you reach the peak, expect an all going down plus river crossing way before reaching the waterfalls. The same time travel elements is the same in going back to the Talaudyong proper.

Tinagong Waterfalls has a huge or vast waterfalls spread in 2 way you can imagine, there are a lot of swimming area but make sure to take extra careful in making steps since most of its rocks are slippery. There is one cottage to welcome guest in the area, cooking may be allowed but you have to inform your guide ahead of your plan, overnight is not encourage at this time. A dressing room and CR is also available but you need to pitch water from the falls.

Going to Talaudyong at this moment is also a challenge, commuting is available in the New Puerto Princesa Market Terminal but schedule depends and usually one trip a day, that’s why it’s better to have a rented van or motorcycles in going to Talaudyong for convenience.

The view of Talaudyong at the top

Talaudyong is in the northern part of the City. Once in Bacungan just go straight until you saw some signs of Talaudyong resorts like Tala, Pakpak Lauin and some, once you see the crossing area of Talaudyong you have to go down and look for the store, and after getting a guide you will be back in the hillside going to the school area and that’s where the trek begins.

Best time to visit during good weather only, trek route is slippery during rainy time and please bring enough water for your trekking breaks. Palawanderer noted that the difficulty level of hiking is at 5 out of 10 as the highest. Please be reminded not to throw away your trash anywhere and let’s help Mother Nature in keeping it clean.