Friday, September 29, 2023

Top 20 Most Followed Palaweños in Facebook


Top 20 Most Followed Palaweños in Facebook

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Social media indeed is the “in thing now a days”. Like other cities and provinces, Palawan has its take in Facebook, the mostly widely used platform in the province. As to this date, we also have our share of content creators who are making names as influencers or vloggers.

Together with Palawan Content Creators team, we list down the Top 20 Content Creators in the World’s Best Island base on numbers of followers, Of course we have celebrities and non-celebrities in the list, who are all Palaweños, and mostly residing in the City, while Some are in Manila as actress, singers etc.

This list is open, in case you know some who are also from Palawan and not in the list, you may comment or send us an email if you want to add them. The listing is as of July 2023.

  1. Tricia Potato – 8.4M Followers
  2. Geo Ong – 3.4M
  3. Katrina Halili – 2.8M
  4. Daryl Ong – 2M
  5. Tita Kim – 1.2M
  6. Baby H MB– 1M
  7. KenYen Official – 1M
  8. Mr. Focus Rap TV – 855K
  9. Patrick Aquino – 615K
  10. Agrinihan – 605K
  1. Ang Lupet Mo – 596K
  2. Janice Ong – 537K
  3. MotoDick – 406K
  4. RESPI – 380K
  5. MrBeAt – 372K
  6. Samantha Bernardo Vlogs – 368K
  7. Christine Bermas – 346K
  8. Just Luis – 344K
  9. Bitoysz Hugot V2– 301K
  10. Nomnom Comfort Food – 218K

We also add below some notable Palaweño vloggers/influencers\content creators who didn’t make it to the Top 20 listing, but they are sharing popularity in Palawan especially in the City of Puerto Princesa.

Ang Aming Superhero – 155K

Papa Buloy – 95K

Miko Tiotangco – 88K

Josiah Lebante – 81K

Ryke Ulzoron and the Amazing Palawenos – 77K

Ludz Almoite – 54K

Byahe Ni Basha -53K

Keyce Palawena – 45K

Pedrography – 41K

YourPalawan – 38K

Bilingual Leng – 38K

Gideon’s Photography – 21K

RDKL Gaming – 20K

Aaron Arrevado – 15K

Bong Villanueva – 15K

Kuya Ron In The Island – 14K

Ertraveler Palaweña – 13K

Archie Barone – 11K

Kuya Bars – 6.2K